WOEMA Launches Silica Medical Exam Practitioner Roster

Self-Identified Medical Facilities Offering Silica Surveillance Exams

WOEMA has launched an online roster of self-identified medical facilities offering silica surveillance exams.  We will be adding to this roster as more facilities become available.  Currently, the roster focuses on northern and southern California.

The facilities listed on this new resource have self-identified, and WOEMA makes no representation about the availability of these medical evaluations at all of the locations at all times, or about the completeness/quality of any medical evaluation that may be offered at these listed facilities.  Employers who are arranging for medical evaluations for their employees are advised to check with the listed practitioner(s) to assure that any arranged medical services will fulfill the requirements of the relevant Cal/OSHA standards.

Medical providers in California who are not listed on this roster, but who would like to be listed on future versions of this roster are encouraged to contact WOEMA

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