Silica Medical Exam Practitioner Roster

Medical Facilities in California Offering Medical Surveillance Exams for Silica-Exposed Workers

The medical facilities listed on this roster have indicated they have the expertise to perform medical surveillance examinations as required by Cal/OSHA for workers with occupational exposure to crystalline silica.[1]  WOEMA has compiled this roster as a courtesy for our members, for the occupational medicine community, and for employers and workers seeking a medical provider who can perform these legally mandated services. We recognize that this listing will be incomplete, and we intend to update it periodically as we learn of other medical providers in California who also offer these medical examinations.

Employers and medical providers should be aware that the requirements of the Cal/OSHA silica standards are complex.  Workers whose jobs expose them to airborne crystalline silica above OSHA’s “Action Level” must be offered a silica medical surveillance exam at the start of employment, and periodically thereafter, typically every three years, at no cost to the employee.  For these exams, the health care practitioner must perform a targeted history and physical exam, and arrange for certain diagnostic tests, including a specialized chest x-ray (“B-reading”), spirogram (breathing test), and other tests as indicated. The medical provider must then give the worker a written report with certain required information, and must provide the employer a separate report, which must not disclose any clinical details unless the employee has signed a written release of information.

More information about Cal/OSHA’s regulations on occupational silica exposure can be found Cal/OSHA’s silica Fact Sheet, at  The legal requirements for the medical provider’s examination and report are listed in Appendix B of the silica standards.[2]

For workers or other patients with concerns about medical findings that may be due to workplace silica exposure, especially in shops that fabricate engineered stone, the California Department of Public Health has helpful information, including tips on prevention, at: .

DISCLOSURES – The facilities listed below have self-identified, and WOEMA makes no representation about the availability of these medical evaluations at all of the locations at all times, or about the completeness or quality of any medical evaluation that may be offered at these listed facilities.  Employers who are arranging for medical evaluations for their employees are advised to check with the listed practitioner(s) to assure that any arranged medical services will fulfill the requirements of the relevant Cal/OSHA standards.

Medical providers in California who are not listed on this roster, but who would like to be listed on future versions of this roster are encouraged to contact WOEMA

[1]  Cal/OSHA silica standards, 8 CCR 1532.3 and 8 CCR 5204.  (Links - and

[2] Cal/OSHA silica standards, appendix B  (Link -

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