Robert L. Goldberg, MD, FACOEM

Dr. Robert Goldberg, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of Healthesystems, is responsible for providing strategic direction and oversight for all medical aspects of the company, including both the Pharmacy and Ancillary Benefits Management programs. Dr. Goldberg is actively involved in the development of new product offerings and services and works directly with clients to better understand their clinical needs and in turn deliver clinical excellence. He chairs the Healthesystems Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee and leads the team that developed and continually updates the ACOEM Guidelines-based formulary for Reed MDGuidelines and the California Division of Workers Compensation. A Jefferson Medical College graduate and Board-certified in Occupational Medicine, he was a fulltime Professor of Medicine and Occupational Medicine Residency Program Director at the University of California, San Francisco. He has over 25 years of medical management experience and over 20 years of experience treating injured workers in private practice.  Dr. Goldberg served as President of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) and WOEMA, and as Vice-Chair, Occupational Medicine of the American Board of Preventive. He is a Fellow of ACOEM and an Honorary Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (Ireland) of the Royal College of Medicine.