Walt Newman, MD

JEDI Award

Dr. Walt Newman is well known to WOEMA as past president, mentor, and supporter. Dr. Newman has furthered JEDI values throughout his career by being an advocate for farm workers.

He cared for farmworkers for many years at his occupational Health clinic in the Salinas area and as medical director at Monterey Mushrooms. He is currently medical director at the United Farm Workers. He has led a vaccine crew for farmworkers aided by medical students from Stanford (and UCSF). He was instrumental in ensuring early availability of COVID vaccines available for farmworkers in the Salinas area.

On a personal level, he demonstrates JEDI values by raising awareness of disabilities, continuing to care for patients, and showing that one need not be limited by physical characteristics despite medical complications. Dr. Newman volunteered to participate on the JEDI Committee and is a current member.

About the JEDI Award

This award is to be presented preferentially to a current or former WOEMA member who has given their time and effort to advance the principles of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace, an organization, the environment, or the community.