Education Committee

The Education Committee shall provide guidance and information to the President and Board of Directors with reference to the education of the members, the medical profession, and the public on all aspects of occupational health and medicine; shall make recommendations to the Western Occupational Health Conference chairperson as to the content of the annual conference program; and shall make recommendations to the President and Board of Directors as to the educational needs of the membership, including recommendations with regard to conducting educational activities other than the Western Occupational Health Conference. The Committee is charged with offering educational activities, primarily face-to-face meetings (conferences), consisting of a mix of educational methods chosen as most effective based on a review of the science behind health-care improvement. To maintain a continuing assessment of WOEMA's efforts to address its educational mission, the Education Committee is charged with evaluating all WOEMA's educational offerings to judge whether a Continuing Medical Education (CME) program has met its objectives of improving physician competence, performance or treatment outcomes. The methods may include, but are not limited to, gathering and reviewing the assessments of the members of the planning group, the members of the Education Committee and members of the conference faculty - all of whom are considered to be informed observers and evaluators - and analyzing the feedback provided by the registrants on the WOEMA evaluation forms and post conference surveys. Since WOEMA recognizes evaluation as an integral part of the planning process and the quality assurance function, the charge to the Committee calls for evaluation activities to occupy a portion of each meeting of a planning group and of the Education Committee.

Committee Chair
Aisha Chaudhry MD, MPH, FACOEM

Aisha Chaudhry, MD, MPH, FACOEM

Dr. Aisha Chaudhry graduated medical school and completed residency training in Occupational and Environmental Medicine and Master's in Public Health at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and Rutgers University, New Jersey. In 2017, she joined The Permanente Medical Group where she practices clinical Occupational Medicine. Dr. Chaudhry is Board certified in Occupational Medicine through the American Board of Preventive Medicine.