2023 Conference Evaluation and Credit Claim

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Overall Conference Evaluation & Claim for Credit
WOHC 2023

Thank you for participating in WOHC 2023.

Please complete this overall conference evaluation. If you wish to claim credit, you will have that opportunity at the end of the overall conference evaluation.

For the optimal experience, we recommend you complete this course on a desktop or laptop computer.  

When you have completed the evaluation, you'll be able to generate and download your CE Certificate.


  • If you have not completed the evaluations for the sessions you attended, please complete them before continuing. Your certificate will reflect the sessions you complete, so please be accurate.  You may check in the Credit box on this page or on the Transcript page.  If  you need to complete additional evaluations, click here to go to the evaluations page.
  • The name on your certificate will be the same as the name listed on your transcript page.  If you'd like it to be different, you may change your name or credentials on your profile page by clicking the GREEN "Edit Profile" page. If they are not already listed, you should add your credentials (MD, DO, etc.) to the last name field.
  • When complete, please go to the Transcript page and print a copy of your transcript for your records.  They may be required when you report your credits.

And, if you have any questions or get stuck, please email us.

To begin, please click on "Overall Evaluation" in the Course Content box at the top or bottom of this page. 



This number is based on the sessions you have COMPLETED.  To view your full transcript, please click here or visit the LEARNER TRANSCRIPT page.  

If this number appears inaccurate, please go back to the Evaluations page and complete the session evaluation for the respective session.  


All certificates you have earned through the WOHC CE system since 2022 are listed below.